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My first BRIARD.


Being a passionate dog-lover I decided to visit the Dog Show in Nitra, Slovakia, in 2000.

There I met the love of my life, the BRIARD – a big and beautiful furry power house who is full of vitality.

It was a life changing moment and I set my heart on obtaining such an adorable little ‘dust-ball’. It was a rookie’s mistake when I instinctively reacted to the first advert that I came across in the papers that was on a sandy hued female doggy in Hungary. Hot-brained and inexperienced I purchased her, although the signs of timid temper that was a characteristic feature of her demeanour were evident even back then.

I was over the moon when Koppany Menti FRUZSI became my first pooch.

Briard drawing

All of a sudden I was the proud owner of a mass of floss whose shy disposition was the cause of a lot of trouble. At the beginning, I was helpless but later on I learned the tricks how to comb her rumpled hair. And her temperament …, well we ended up in a dog training facility where the trainers helped us tremendously. We managed to appease her fear with devoted hard work. Unfortunately, at the dog shows due to her hyped-up temper we never achieved much success. Shepherding, however, was always great fun.

All in all, FRUZSI was a fantastic dog with a big heart who loved her family and was a real partner in everyday life. She was an ideal touring companion who would run long distances during our extensive walks. Browsing through the photo album it is hard to find a photo where she could not be seen in the background.

My Fruzsi lived with us for 14 years; she will always have a special place in our hearts.


As a true breed lover, I could not stay for long without a BRIARD. So I resolved to find a new puppy. Undoubtedly, a little more experienced and a lot more committed.

I decided to contact an excellent stock breeder from the Czech Republic who at the time could not provide me with a new pup but arranged for one via a detour from Poland. All I had to do was to go and pick up my new puppy from her place. Thus since 2014 I have been the proud owner of a beautiful sandy brown flossy creature who is full of life and has a distinguished character. Her name is Make my smile Secret story - „MEGI“.

She is courageous, committed, and exuberant who always stands by her master. She is a fast learner so her basic training was a breeze-through thanks to her constant call for exercise and ability to pick new things up easily. She passed her international exam (IPO BH) when she was 15 months old and has been very successful at different shows ever since. True to her reputation she puts a smile on our faces every day.

Our goal as breeders, is to keep thriving to achieve our dreams through enthusiastic and hard work by adhering to the high principles which promote a healthy and balance lifestyle for our dogs; when their natural beauty is just the icing on the cake.

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